Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some Christmas cards

Happy Wednesday! Is it?? For me, kind of! I am not working today, so I'm spending the day with my DD, and tackling her room. It is bitterly cold outside, and I am not in the cold weather mood right now. ;)

This past Saturday, I gathered some of my Christmas craft supplies and convinced my gang at home to make some Christmas cards. Lots of groans and moans (I mean, really?? Make Christmas cards on a Saturday?? Their only day off?? What was I thinking??) Until I told them why I wanted to make Christmas cards as a family project. For the 2013 Caring Hearts Card drive, to make cards for the elderly people in the nursing homes. I really, REALLY wanted to do this when I first read about it on Jennifer McGuire's blog. I mean, really, what a great cause! Crafting for a cause cannot get any better! Once the cause was mentioned, no more groans. :)

I had gathered some of my 6x6 paper pads, the Christmas themed ones, that is. (believe it or not, I do not have many...huh! go figure!) Also, my 8x8 October Afternoon Make it Merry (that has got to be my FAVE!) I also got various Christmas themed stamps, inks, washi tapes, die cuts, little doo jiggers, and what-nots. I needed to inspire my boys!!!

I was very, VERY happy to realize they were having fun!!! Yippee!! And the best part? We got over 25 cards done!  Here are some we did:

Obviously these are just a sampling of some of them (I had trouble loading them onto my laptop for some reason..grr!) But I am proud of my guys!

I had made a few too:

So, there you have it folks! I am planning on making more cards this week, and then ship them off to the Canadian address available for this Drive. It's a great cause!

I am also linking up to the November Christmas Challenge

Be safe. Get crafty.

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Minnie Me said...

what a fantastic cause, and some lovely cards x