Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Taking the plunge...

Hi y'all!

How is it springing up in your neighborhood??

Sunshine and beautiful weather in my part of this world.

Well, since my last post, I have felt like a piece of my heart has been ripped out. My favorite online scrapbook site, Crop Chocolate, is closing their doors on the retail aspect of their business.  When I read their announcement on Sunday, I felt like my whole scrapbook world falling apart! I was stunned. Very sad moment/day/week for me. I have grown so much as a crafter from being part of that wonderful site, and made some fantastic friends.

One of the things that I am most distressed about is that I will never know what it is like to be on their DT. Especially when I had actually submitted 2 entries for their DT#4. Imagine that! Me! Trying out for a team!!! But, in retrospect, I am glad I tried, as it was a HUGE plunge for me.

Here is one of my submissions:

It's a 'She-Art' inspired piece for my DD's room. She loves it. I do too, and it was super fun (but tedious!) to do. Maybe I'll attempt an Instructagram on making one of these bad-girls! lol

So, was my attempt of trying out for the CC DT in vain? Maybe. But I never wold have had the confidence, or the guts, to try out without the encouragement of the CCers, to take that plunge. They are awesome!

So, that's all I have for now.

Be safe. Get crafty!



Saturday, 27 April 2013

And the beat goes on....

Happy Saturday to you all!

How's the weather where you are?? For us, it is finally sunny and not so cold!!! What a wacky weather week. Nice one day, then snow/rain mix for a few days. Repeat. And I now have 2 sick kiddies--sigh! I am also not feeling 100% these days neither. But it should pass. I hope. :)

It was a very busy week.

It was hubby's birthday this past Monday--the big 40! And boy! is HE not taking it well. (Personally, I don't get what the big deal is---it's just a number. And he's in the best shape ever. ) But whatever. Anyhow, what to get a man who is very difficult to buy for? (and also, $$ is very tight this year--especially after all the expenses with purchasing a home/moving) WELL! It was a very tough decision this year--normally I would buy him tools, or clothes...with his approval, of course. (Trust me, after 20 years together, I've learned my lesson--Yeesh!) So I played it safe. I bought him a pair of shorts (stuck with one of his favorite brands--Levi's) and a few little gadgets. Then I splurged on his birthday meal. The meal was salmon--a whole fillet. (And can I say that I have never, EVER spent that much cash on a piece of fish before!!) (Good thing I love the man!). The man also loves Cherry chip cake (blech! My least fave cake of all time) But maybe because it was always a boxed version I had tasted. And when I want to look up a good recipe for something new, I go to GOOGLE!! Great site! lol I found this awesome, AWESOME recipe for cherry chip cake.

So....I made the cake. AND. I'm telling you, I heard angels singing. It was SUBLIME!!! seriously.
I had a few slices--and the best part?? Hubby enjoyed. My kids enjoyed it. Even my one DS who does not like cake, enjoyed it! 

Want the recipe? Check it out HERE. (I hope this link-y thing works---first time using it! lol)

Anyhow, he had a good birthday, I think. I was extremely impressed with my sons' gifts to their dad...really, I was. I could tell that they put some thought into their gifts. From Ray, he received Michael Jackson's CD--This is it!. That's a great cd, with many of the classics by MJ, along with a couple of new ones we hadn't heard before. Yes, my man is/was a MJ fan. (Please don't ask him to do the moonwalk--please!) And from Rob, he received a Superman T-Shirt and a big bag of pistachios. Yes, my man is also a Superman fan--always has been.  From April, she picked out a bunch of Tootsie roll pops---which she promptly helped herself to when daddy opened up!

So, other than that, I am still unpacking, rearranging things. I am trying to get my craft space in order. Trying is the operative word here. It's a working progress.

Yesterday was a busy day again. Hubby had an appointment to give platelets at the blood bank. While he was doing that, DD and I went shoe shopping. For her. The munchkin grows so fast, I can't keep up, it seems. We checked many stores, and nothing we saw was within my price range. So, we ended up at Payless. She picked out her runners, and I picked her up a pair of Mary Janes for when she wears her dresses. Both pairs cost less than $40--so momma was happy!!

Then on the way back, I asked hubby if we could stop off at Michael's. I just want to see the price of some things, and see if there were liquidation items (I had scored big time last time!) I did not have much cash, but I did get some cool stuff--2 small 7 gypsies stamps (both less than $1.50), a Tattered Angels spray ($1.99), some foam dots, a sock monkey magnetic play set (for DD), some jewels, and some watercolor crayons (love those things!) --all for under $20! So, I think I did pretty darn good!!!!

Anyhow, that's pretty much my week in a nutshell. Time to get to work in the house.

Oh, I did get a card done for, you guessed it, crop chocolate's weekly challenge. Pretty much the only crafting I could get done this week.
MLS stamp, Echo Park cardstock, Copic marker

Have a great week!

Be safe, get crafting!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Inspired by Coco

Howdy folks!

I'm back! Miss me? lol

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. We moved. Oh boy! That was rough....physically and emotionally...for me anyways. Won't get into details too much, but I miss our old place already, probably because of the memories of my family. And the nature. BUT. We are surrounded by nature here too,  and the best part?? It's our house. I'll repeat it. OUR house! Yippee!

Anyways, with the move, and the packing, unpacking, work, kids, family duties in general, I've kinda neglected my blog. But I have thought of posting several times.....just needed my internet connection ...which was only installed by early last weekend past. But it's all good now.

I did some scrapbook work, one being a layout for none other than crop chocolate and their weekly challenge.  it was 'frames' this week...and my subject? None other than my DD.

Cosmo Cricket
I used these great papers from Cosmo Cricket, and that quote---gets me every single time. And let me just say, April IS classy and fabulous. She will also tell you that she's awesome.....this gal's a card! never a dull moment with her...and that's the truth! :)

I was also working on other projects...but I can't tell you what they are...yet. ;) I might jinx myself. lol

Anyways, take care, y'all. That's it for me today.

Be safe...Especially after yesterday's events. What a devastating tragedy! My heart goes out to those poor people. So sad, and senseless.