Thursday, 28 February 2013

Loving my kids!

Happy Thursday! Hope today is a great day for you all!

It snowed here overnight. Again. My boys are home from school. Again. They went back to sleep. Lucky! lol

My little Miss Muffet (my DD) is up and about. Again. Yesterday, she kept me on my toes. Again. lol. She also says the funniest things.

I was trying to make a card for my MIL's birthday this weekend. She's turning 62 years young. She's a great gal---I consider myself very fortunate to have a MIL like her.

Anyhow, I was trying to come up with a card design. I wanted it to be really, really special....and I came up with nothing. And it was frustrating!! So I am at my craft desk, with my fingers rubbing my temples (I guess I was trying to make an idea come to my head??) My DD, April, asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to get an idea out of my head. Not thinking much of what I said, I continued what I was doing. She brought her chair over to my chair, stood up on it, and grabbed my head in her hands. I was a little surprised. But I thought that perhaps she wanted a hug or a kiss. Nope. She looked at the top of my head, and told me that there was nothing come out of my head. Huh? Then I laughed because she took my comment literally. Idea coming out of my head, indeed! lol

Fast forward to the evening when it was bedtime. I was preparing to put her to bed. Bedtime ritual: bath, snack, bathroom business, bedtime story, snuggle time. That's how it is. I sometimes have to tell her daddy and brothers that it is her bedtime, so they'll take the 'hint' and leave us alone. Doesn't always work, though. (As if I have to wonder why. Men + hints= huh?) So, I told her that we have to kick Daddy out of the room. Again, she took me literally. And I mean literally. lol. She told her Daddy that it was her bedtime and that he had to leave. And she pushing him out, and then she kicks him. Literally. She turns to me and says with a big grin, 'I kicked out Daddy for you, Mom!' Again, I had to laugh. I have to be careful what I say to this kid!!

Anyways, that's my daughter. She's a whirlwind of ....a little bit of everything!
My boys were like that at her age. Double trouble I used to call them!lol

So this week's challenge over at was stamped background. I actually had difficulty with this one---go figure. I'm losing my crafty mojo, it seems. Yeesh!

Here's my take:

Of my kids. Again.
So that's my week in a nutshell.

Have a great week. Get crafty. Be safe!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quick post, quick card

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Thursday! Yesterday felt like a Friday for me, and today feels like a....Tuesday?? But not actually because I work on Tuesdays, and I'm not at work today. Weird.

Anyhows, a quick post today.

I did a quick card this morning because I have a friend's birthday coming up, and believe it or not, I did not have time to do anything these past few days.

I am also entering this into a challenge because it meets the requirements...bling! lol

Very easy peasy. All I had time for, really.

I used BG papers, Tim Holtz Distress ink pads, Fancy Pants stamps, and bling from my local dollar store.

Very simple!! But effective, I think!

That's it for me today. DD is taking up all my time!!!!! lol

Have fun. Be safe. Get crafty!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sending a little love your way!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

May you celebrate with loved ones, and have a great day!

Until next time!

Be safe. Get crafty!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Whooooo do you love??

It's Sunday.....already! ugh! Work tomorrow...double ugh! lol

But that's ok!

I got crafty again last night. I had seen a card on one of my favorite sites created by a couple of talented ladies. And talk about being inspired! And determined! It took me a little while (I'll tell you why in a minute!) but I am quite pleased with the overall card! This will be for my DD, April, for Valentine's Day this week. I had to hide it from her, and I could not let on that I was making HER something. She's a tad nosey! lol


I just have to address it my little princess. I might put a little chocolate heart on the heart inside, on the heart.

I used Fancy Pants Baby Be Mine papers for the owl. I didn't want it too bright or too dark, yet I also wanted it a little 'folky'. (Is that a word?)

This was actually quite fun to do. And pretty easy. The whole card consists of hearts, circles and ovals.Which led me to a realization. I have ZERO circle punches (besides a regular hole punch) and 1 small heart punch!!! That is all I have!!! Can you believe that??? And the templates? I have 1 heart one! You should have saw me scouring the house for an oval shape for the owl's body! My gang just rolled their eyes! lol Me thinks me needs punches. I didn't even have a Cricut cartridge that would cut out hearts, circles, or ovals!! sad!! So sad! lol But I did it!

I am going to try to make 3 more cards...different ones. Not sure what yet! Oh the pressure! lol

Be safe. Get crafty.


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thank goodness for Disney...and a layout

Happy Saturday!

How's the weather where you are?? For us, in northern Quebec, it's calmed down. We had some blowing snow yesterday, which made driving visibility difficult----and those who know me, know that I am a VERY nervous passenger! Even though Keith is a very careful, very good driver, I am nervous. But I contain it pretty well, I think. I But in other parts of  Eastern Canada and States, it's been pretty messy with the weather. At least that's what I heard.  If you have bad weather where you are, be safe.

Anyways, onwards!

THANK GOODNESS for Disney!!!

I say this because my DD, who just turned 3 a couple of  weeks ago, now likes to watch other movies besides Dora the Explorer!!! Can I jump for joy now?? I have nothing against Dora per say---just that her voice can get on my nerves. Does she seem to be yelling to you?? So, now, April likes to watch other movies. Of course, the obvious choices like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (insert eye roll!) are very popular here...but so are the Incredibles, Cars, and the 3 Mouseketeers! We have many, MANY movies (I am a movie buff!) and therefore there are many choices for her to watch. I am going to try to watch Brother Bear with her today (that has go be one of my favorite movies from Disney!) Anyhow, I am just relieved that she seems to be existing that stage and going into another....or am I?? Maybe I'm setting myself up! :S

Now I did a layout for, you guessed it!, Crop I love the challenges they provide...and the people and products/prices are not so bad neither! lol Seriously they are great!

This week, it was to use wood grain.'s my take.
I used mostly MME products---pretty fitting as I was greatly inspired by a layout on their website! I used my Slice machine with the Little One Applique Design card for the butterflies. The papers are from their Happy Go Lucky line and their Fine and Dandy line, along with washi tape of theirs. I would have to say that 90% of this layout is MME! And it's one of my favorite scrapbook companies.

What are your plans today? I am hoping to get something done for Valentines day for my gang....but I have a block. yeesh! Go figure!

Anyhow, be safe. Get crafting.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Thunder-ing love, with brads thrown in the mix..

Happy Sunday!

What's going on in your part of the world??

Moi--just enjoying my cup of coffee, listening to my hubby sing his silly songs to DD (who's crabby), and admiring the beautiful tile work in my kitchen! Keith did a wonderful job with the tiles----I think he's a keeper! lol

Had a sleepover on Friday night upstairs, as the kitchen was off limits, therefore we (April, hubby, and myself) had to stay out of the kitchen, as that's the way to get to our rooms. One doesn't realize how much one room is used until it's off limits! That's the way it goes, huh? So, we had a sleepover in my craft room, which went well...but I was a little sore Saturday morning! ;)

I did a LO that night for the weekly challenge at And I am pleased to say that it is 100% all CC products! woohoo!

And it's of my puppy! Well, he's not really a puppy, not anymore. He's 5 years old now....hard to believe because he still acts like a puppy. He's a Lab/Shepherd mix, and he's a BIG boy. And a big baby! He's a loyal fellow!

At one point, we had 4!! dogs---1 black Lab, 2 Lab/shepherd mix, and 1 Dalmatian. Our Dalmatian, Duchess, who was deaf,  lived until she was 12 years old, and died on my sons' birthday. Boy, she was headstrong--kinda like me, I guess! Our other Lab/shepherd mix, Harley was an angel. He reminded me of that dog in the Pixar movie 'UP', Doug. That dog will always have a special place in my heart---he was awesome! They all are/were, but Harley, he was one of a kind! Then there was  Duke, our pure Lab. We had to put him down last summer, which is a very hard thing to do. He was a HUGE dog, not big, but HUGE. Even the vet who came to our place to administer the procedure was very surprised at how huge he was. He weighed more than 120 pounds... what??! Yep, he was a big boy. And a great dog! They all were! And now all whom we have left is Thunder....for now, it seems! Keith wants to get another dog soon. Oh boy!

Anyways, onwards.

I am having a little problem with my crafting storage. Brads, in particular. These are my go-to staples.  But storing them is another thing. I have, and still am, accumulated quite a bit, and need ideas, for storing them.This is how I store them now, but they take up precious room.

These brads are the ones I have purchased recently, and are still in the package. I think my problem is whether I want to take them OUT of the

Then there are these, which I had bought in the past years, and when I did not much space.

I am not sure I want to do this again. I just want everything all together, brads should be with brads, eyelets with eyelets and tools, all paper together, etc.  Any ideas??

Anyways, keep calm and get crafty!

Have a great day!