Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Day after...

Merry Christmas----Happy Holidays!!!

How is everyone doing on this fine morning????

Did you have a joyous holiday with your loved ones?

At our house, everyone was pleased with their gifts. My daughter lost interest during the gift opening....we can only expect so much attention from a 2 year old! She wanted to play with her new dollhouse and dolls already. My sons liked their gifts---phew!!! :) They're not difficult children, but they do have many things, and this year with money tight, it was a challenge of what to get them. But I think Mom and Dad succeeded.

They didn't receive toys this year....which was a jagged little pill for me to swallow. It's hard for me to see them grow up.And grow up did they ever!!! They've both surpassed me in height, and I'm 5'8!!! Raymond is 1 inch from 6 feet, and Robert is 5'9. And the worse part?? They're only 14!!! But I'm proud of them, they're good boys! So, for Christmas this year, they received 'older' games, DVD's, clothes, posters, etc....They seemed very content with that!

Christmas was sent quietly at home....just us. I don't know about quietly....with DD playing very loudly, and the boys trying our their video games---which can get very loud!! :)

So, with the turkey cooking, the kids being busy, I got a chance to clean up my scrapbook room. FINALLY!!! It's been a busy few weeks, with me sewing up a storm, getting Christmas cards done and sent, and just general crafting (with DD), the room looked like a cyclone went through!!

Afterward, Mom (that's me!) and April went sledding. With all the snow from last week's storm, there's quite a bit. Let me re-phrase that---there's more snow now than we had in total of last year AND the previous years!! It actually reminds me of the winters of my childhood. We weren't out a long time, as it was bitterly cold....but we had fun, and that's what counts!

So, after a very long day, it was ending. April was asleep at her regular time, and I sat down to watch a DVD with my hubby---a rare occasion these days. It was nice....even though the DVD was NOT a 'romantic' or even a comedy. It was the Walking Dead, season 1. I am NOT a zombie fan, and refused to watch it on TV, however, I got pulled into it. Well acted, well scripted. I had to cover my eyes a few times, for the gory scenes. But it was good...which surprised the heck out of me. Because I didn't want to watch it. :Z

Anyways, what are your plans for this week???

We're taking it day by day....going with the flow, I guess. Hubby's sister and mother are having Christmas parties next week---so, I should be recovered beforehand. I'm burnt, I think!

Anyways, be safe.Get crafting!


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