Sunday, 2 December 2012

3D Christmas

Hello Sunday!

It's an early Sunday, and my household is still sleeping.

Can you believe that it's December, ALREADY????? Looks like December outside. Cold, snowy, grayish....
Yep, that's right, we have snow in my part of the world.

Have you all put up your Christmas decorations yet? Our tree is up and decorated, along with some decorations in the house....still have to put more up. I have to make some, as little critters got into our boxes in the garage and made themselves a nest or two or three in our decorations. The nerve!!!!

I don't know about you, but I am a little stressed this year...actually very stressed. There's a lot of crap going on in my life right now that is affecting my jolliness at this time of year. I hope it gets resolved---and then there's the whole Christmas thing that I am stressing about.  I am usually finished my Christmas shopping, but not this year. I practically haven't even started!!! Which freaks me out!

Anyways, I'm hoping I calm down a bit.

We did see Santa Claus yesterday  in Loblaws. I was so proud of DD---she did not cry!!! YA!! Of course, I took a picture....and wouldn't you know it--I was having problems with my phone! I didn't know how to work the camera on it! Which is so not me! When I finally got it working, DD was pretty much finished with Santa...grrr!But the store is giving us a copy of the visit!

Last night, DD ,who will be3 in January, came to me  and said she was bored! What??!! So, I asked her if she wanted to make something with which she said yes! YAH!!
So, we made a3D tree. Let me say this about my daughter--she as really good fine and gross motor skills! I was really impressed with her  work! Maybe I'm being biased because she's my daughter! ;)


I  realized afterwards that this project works for CC's weekly challenge! Woohoo!

So, have a great Sunday. Relax. Enjoy. Be safe!

Until next time--


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