Monday, 10 December 2012

30+ birthdays and counting...

Happy Monday!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?? We have snow--LOTS of the white stuff! So much that it's a snow day for the kiddos. I made a boo-boo this morning. Woke up my teens, made them get dressed, fed them, and sent them off to the bust stop. 30 mins later, they were back! OOPS! Mom didn't check the website to see if there was snow or not. Nope, no school. :S

How was your weekend?? Mine, nice...very nice. I don't know if it was because it was my birthday or not, but everyone was more pleasant than usual. It was really nice....! The kids and hubby were much more attentive than usual. I'm not saying that I'm deprived or anything, just that they went that extra little mile...which was much appreciated!!  I received lots of presents...many of them crafting related! They sure do know the way to my heart!

I did not get a chance o get any crafting done, well, scrapbook wise crafting done. I am working on a felt dollhouse for April, and that took the time  did have for hopefully I'll get something done today for Crop Chocolate's challenge.

14 days left until Christmas!! Believe that??? I can't ----and it's bothering me that I haven't finished my shopping yet---which is not me! I have to get it done this week---next week will be too busy for hubby to take me to the city to shop. oh well.

So, have a great snowy/sunny/pleasant day. Until next time.

Be safe, get crafting.


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