Saturday, 5 January 2013

One week into 2013 already...

Good day!!!!

WOW---the holidays are over, can you believe that?? It sneaks up on you, and BAM! throws your world into a whirlpool, and then POOF! they're gone!!! That's how I feel, anyways!

This week should be back on schedule for us. My boys return to school on Tuesday, and life should get back on track!

Have you made any resolutions for this brand new year? I've made a few.....some personal, some 'creative'. I think this is the year for change...some good, some bad (oh boy!) (not necessarily bad for me..but maybe for others!) some life altering.

One of the things I am doing this year is taking time to do things for me. That's not to say that when I scrapbook or craft, it's not for me. I want to do something for ME---so I started a book. I had received a scrapbook many years ago, which I never used because it was not something I would use normally. It's a handmade-paper scrapbook. It's beautiful, but it wasn't me. Years went by with the scrapbook staring at me, and I could imagine the scrapbook saying to me, 'Please use me!'. I felt bad because it is a very nice book, but...... So, anyways,last week's challenge on was to do a project inspired by a DT's project. I was inspired by Christina, with her altered composition book. When I saw it, I had a A-HA! moment. I knew what to use!!

So, I pulled down my scrapbook from the shelf. Pulled out that bottle of Modge-Podge, a few papers that I really liked, and various other trinkets that I liked. Took a little while as the cover of the scrapbook is nt like standard scrapbooks----it's layered papers. Anyways, I let it dry for a LONG time....I mean, I podged that thing to kingdom come! In the end, it came out quite nice, if I do say so myself! lol

Here's the cover:

It's not a great picture. I really, REALLY need to learn how to use my camera. I've had for over 3 years now, and still don't understand all the features! :/ That's one of my resolutions this year!

Anyways, I already did 3 pages inside. I am telling my story. I have only a few pictures of myself growing up, and I want to document my story for my children. Definitely not the bad parts, but there were good parts too! So, that's that---one of my resolutions started. I'm very excited.

I'll try to take more pictures and post them soon. I also want to show you what I made my sons' for Christmas. A little something for their IPOD----I like it, and so did they! Yah! :)

Be safe, and get crafty!


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