Thursday, 25 October 2012

Happy Thursday!

Good morning---or afternoon, wherever you are!

How has your week been going??

Mine--pretty darn good! For someone who was in a crafting slump a little while ago, I sure got bit by the crafting bug. It seems like I just want to craft, specifically scrapbook, all the time!

I also made a decision. A very BIG personal decision, it's big for me anyways. Let me explain. I receive many emails every day, mostly updates from scrapbooking/crafting blogs. (Love those blogs!) Anyhow, some of those updates are from companies like MME, Authentique, etc. Get the picture? And there are usually challenges being offered. I usually did the challenges for Crop Chocolate, which is fun---at times challenging, but fun. Sooo..My decision is to submit some challenges for other company/site's challenges. Which is a HUGE thing for me. I guess because it seems I lack confidence. I don't know why. Maybe it's the fear of rejection...who knows? But all I do know is that I have to conquer that crutch.

So,my first attempt is for the MME October challenge.

 One of my handsome men this past summer.  Love this picture...well, the one on the left, anyways. The second  is not so bad neither, it shows his goofy side---gets that from his father, I swear! :)

So, that's my challenge submission. I hope it's ok. I think it is.

Until next time.


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