Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Hauntings!

Happy Halloween!!!

How is the weather where you are? For us, in northern Quebec, it's rainy, and mild. Not as severe as it was on Monday or Tuesday, after Hurricane Sunday. Wasn't that something?? I still haven't had contact with my good friend who lives in NJ, which seems to have had the brunt of this storm. I hope she is alright, her and her little boy.

Not the perfect temperature to go trick or treating tonight. But we'll see how the weather is later on in the day.  Hopefully Mother Nature will have a soft spot for all the kiddies, and have it clear for tonight.
It's kind of bittersweet for me. My 2 boys, whom are 14, are not as excited for Halloween as they used to be. :( One is not dressing up at all (party pooper) and the other is going as a ghost..........? It was fun over the past few years, getting their costumes ready. We made their costumes together. One year, Ray went as a Heinz Ketchup bottle! That was cool! He ended up in our local paper, along with his mad scientist brother. Another year, they went as salt and pepper shakers. Good times.

But I do get to experience Halloween with my DD . She's almost 3, and is now into princesses and mermaids and ballerinas. My SIL lent me a dress for her, so DD is going to be Ariel, from the little mermaid, with the big pouffy dress. I had to hide the dress, because DD wanted to wear it ALL......THE....TIME! Literally. Lol

Halloween is going to be different for us this year. We usually go to a little town closest to us, where the Main street is blocked off by the FD  on both ends, and the kids can roam safely door to door. Not this year. The road is being re-done, so this poses a danger to kids, so no Trick or treating there. The City hall will be the haunted house this year, and it's encouraged to give candy there. We will probably stop off there on the way home. We are planning to go the next town over, where there's a huge Halloween parade scheduled for 6 :00 p.m. And kids get lots of candy there from the patrons. Should be fun. I'm thankful that my kids are not candy crazy , meaning they are content with a 'normal' amount of candy. We are usually out for an hour max. That's it. I'm happy with that! My nieces and nephews are out for hours, and they never seem content with the amount of candy they get---which I never understood! But whatever! Lol

I got crafty again this past weekend!
This is for this week's challenge at Crop Chocolate----texture! I use corrugated paper (had that sheet for so long! Almost got rid of it many times--good thing I didn't!) and used my red Jillibean corrugated letters---love those!

I also received my cards from the Christmas card swap I participated in at Crop Chocolate. These, my friends, are from some VERY talented ladies!!


Anyways, be safe. Have a safe Halloween---Happy Hauntings!


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