Monday, 18 January 2016

Mmmmm....Banana Bread!

hey y'all!
I am determined to stick to one of 
my New Year's resolutions..
one being more attentive to my blog!

Last year, a health movement happened
in my household--my teen boys made the
decision to become vegetarian.
Actually, let me rephrase. 
I have one who was a vegetarian the year prior, 
and his twin brother has made the conscious decision 
to become...

I was a little perplexed as to the meaning and such, 
to be honest. I knew it was a big step.
I was not very well informed.
Thankfully, information is at my
Let me say, 
it is proving to be a challenge...sometimes a very
difficult challenge--
as the products are not readily available 
in our area.
But, wow! Some of the recipes
I have tried are unbelievable--
You would not even know they were vegan...
Seriously! so Yummy!
 So, one of my things I plan
on doing is to share
the yummy recipes that I have tried.
So, today, I tried a new recipe.
I was craving banana bread---!!

I searched, searched, and 
I think I found the winner.
Let me say that with the 2 loaves I had
made, I am lucky there is even a 1/4 left!
Which is good, right??
So, let me share!
Awesome recipe found here
on this absolute fantastic site, 
Hell yeah It's Vegan!

The recipe I found, and USED, 

is the following:
Vegan Banana Bread

vegan banana bread
Image courtesy of

This is definitely a repeat recipe!

So, while the recipe is vegan, 
this is perfect for non-vegans.
I am not vegan, but that may change. lol

So, until next time,

mes amies!
Be safe. Get crafty!!

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