Wednesday, 19 February 2014


It's Wednesday...already!

So, today's post is a little different.
Someone asked me where I buy my crafting supplies.
Well. I buy them online. 

I have compiled a list of my favorite online retailers.
These are also places where the shipping to Canada is very reasonable!
I repeat, VERY reasonable!
Oh, and the service is GREAT! 
(That's an important issue for
So, in no particular order:

This site started it all for me. Deal a day site, with an awesome assortment of products daily.
I still check every day!

They have a little bit of everything, actually alot!, with a monthly card kit 
that is super awesome! Great shipping prices!

Another great site! Deals change daily, and they sell super fast!
Great service and shipping!

I found this place awhile ago, when I was looking for a particular Prima product.
Let me say, Oh.My.Gawsh! Their variety of products is outstanding. 
And the staff is amazing! So helpful!
Shipping is reasonable!
They also have a great forum!

And if you want to shop from a Canadian retailer...
This place is AWESOME!
Definitely one of my faves!
I placed an order, and received it within 3(!!!!) days.
I was looking for something in particular, and they got it for me! YAY!
Anoter great place with great people, with a forum. Lots of chatting going
on here, with challenges and such!
I 'found' an old primary schoolmate on this place--amazing!
Love it!

So, these are my top 5! 
I hope you check them out!

Be safe. Get crafty!
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