Saturday, 7 September 2013

Some odd girl card swap

Happy Saturday!

How are you all? I hope you had a great week---it went by so quickly! I worked a little bit more this past week...but I have a feeling it is going to die down for now.

My boys are back in school..Grade! We had a dental appointment for little Miss on  Wednesday past...that went without a hitch (Thank you Lord!!!) The dentist and hygienists  were amazingly fantastic with her, and she made me so proud!! Afterwards we went to buy her ballet outfit, because little Miss starts her ballet classes this Sunday...tomorrow! ack! :) She was not a happy shopper in the boutique as her bodysuit had to be the color Royal Blue, to match the other students. Little Miss's fave colors are pink and purple...good Lawd! Not a happy little girl, let me tell you. Miss Pouty McPouterson! lol
But she's already to start, after spending a small fortune for her basics...good grief! Does it have to be so costly?????
Anyways, I did not get a chance to scrap this week....time just goes so fast. But I did receive a special card in the mail. I participated in a card swap recently, and I had such a blast making the card.
The card swap was over on Some Odd Girl's forum , and it is amazing! Such great girls! And the!
Anyways, here's my card that I sent over to the UK.

I still have to work on my coloring, but overall, I think I did an OK job. I used some Petaloo flowers, which were kind of hard for me to do, because I am not really a flower kind of gal. But I really want to use them. I need to use them properly, I guess. I fell like they just look wierd on my cards and layouts.
My swap partner received it and said that she liked it, so that's good. I hope the flowers were still intact.
And this is the card that I received.
Ain't she purty??? Love this card, and it is now displayed on my mantle, so people can see it as they walk into my living room. Thanks Sarah!

So, that's it for me for now. Hoping to get some crafting done today.

Be safe. Get crafty.
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Lori said...

Your card is so cute - love the sparkly green!

Greta said...

Your card is adorable, even if you don't feel comfortable using flowers.

Peg Hewitt said...

I love the subtle patterns on your card and those stamps are too cute!
Thanks so much for hopping by my blog during the Paper Haus Fall Splendour celebration, and leaving me some love. It's much appreciated :-)