Thursday, 8 August 2013

Random thoughts...


Sunny days, humid, rain expected.

A melancholy day for me. Don't know why. Maybe I do.

Reading.... Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Again. My son, Robert, had asked me questions about the Masons...which got me wanting to read the book. It's a good read. my sons and nephew chatting it up in my sons' daughter chatting away to her paper dolls.....Johnny Cash's 'Rose of my Heart'..makes my heart heavy.

Wishing...we didn't have so many bills..(who doesn't right?).....I had a better relationship with my mother.....I could get my creative ideas onto paper.....Facebook never existed...everyone just got along, with no drama....that I had friends that I can call true friends don't count, know what I mean??

Eating...sunflower seeds. Want to eat chocolate. brother(s). We had one brother over this past weekend, which was fun. I hadn't spoken to my other brother in over 5 years......also wishing that I was on speaking terms with other cousins and family members. So, missing them too. sons' family get-together/party on Saturday. kinda..... Going back to work on the 19th of this month.

Loving hubby and kids so much, it actually hurts....where we live....what we have...

Grateful...for having my hubby and kids. It can all go away in a flash.... My family's health. My health. We have a few issues at the moment, which will be solved..... For eating as healthy as we can.....Being alive....Being a mom and wife....for not lacking anything.....for having what we have.. love let go of things in the past...not hold forgive and breathe in and just be.

That's it for me for now, peeps.

Be safe. Get crafty.

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