Sunday, 20 January 2013

Simply Sunday....and its cold

Hiya! How's your Sunday going?? Ours....yeesh! very cold here in our neck of the woods, along with snow!! More snow!!! Went to church this morning, with it just being cold. As we turned onto the main road for our church, we drove into what seemed like a squall! Boy, was I nervous. I am already a nervous passenger to begin with, so can you imagine my nervousness at that point?? Anyways, it passed (THANK YOU!) and we got home safely shortly afterwards, as our priest cut the service short.

This week was a week of reflection for me. I don't know about you but certain dates stick in my head. And unfortunately not always the good dates. For instance, I know the dates that both my grandparents passed away on, along with my father, my beloved dogs, etc. And there are also some great dates, too. Like the dates I discovered I was pregnant, and the ultrasound dates, marriage, etc.
But this past week, Friday especially, brought some reflection to me about the safety of my children and at their school. It was one month ago Friday since that tragedy in Newton, Conn.  And I think as a parent, as a mom, as a compassionate person, one feels sadness for those innocent victims. And one hopes, prays that nothing like that happens to their own.

Anyhow, it got me thinking about many things. I tend to start thinking about one thing, which would lead to another, then another, etc. It's almost like word association in my brain. Hubby tells me that I think too much. Yes, I agree.

Which brought me to my resolutions for this year. Go figure. I have a few personal ones that I am working on myself, and a few creative ones. woohoo! I want to expand my creative horizons, I want to be creatively free...meaning not let my inhibitions hold me back creatively. Not let my insecurities interfere with my submitting a project.  Because it does hold me back. Even with my family encouraging me to  'get out there' creatively, I can't.

But no more. I am going to take the plunge!

I am submitting to more contests. And it will not be about winning, because, ack! have you seen the talent out there??!! It will be me submitting my projects, and me trying out for things I have NEVER had the guts to do! Yes! That's what I am doing! Starting this week! Phew! That's a load off my chest!

I did 2 cards for Crop Chocolate...pretty much the only site I submitted projects to. It was a fun challenge this week. It involves pink, flowers, and bling. Pretty darn girlie if you ask me! lol That's fine with me, because it was fun. It was even more fun with my new Unity stamp.

Kraftin' Kimmie poodle stamp, FP Love story paper, Copics, stickles, BG jewels

Unity stamp, Authentique paper (pink), EP Country drive (floral), distress markers

My card with the Unity stamp had my daughter's help (the little dent in the top left corner!) lol, but I like these cards. Mind you, I no longer have these cards as my daughter has 'claimed' them as hers!

My daughter.....little monster. She will be turning 3 on Saturday. We're having a small family get-together....a party as she likes to call it! We went shopping for her birthday  present this past week at Toys 'R' Us. With her. We went into the store with an unhappy camper. She wanted to go home. She took off her boots in the  store and was walking around with stocking feet. She decided that MOM was going to buy her princess nail polish....I am???! Really?!?! She is a monster. Did I already mention that?? lol But other than that, it went off without a tantrum in the store. That had happened earlier in the car! lol We ended up getting a few things...a Cinderella BluRaymovie (I only had it on VHS, which works only in Mom's room), a magic wand, some dress up items (shoes, tiara, etc.) stickers, a mermaid Barbie (from Dad...ack!) and her brothers bought her a little purse, and a little doll. So, I am sure she'll be happy. She better be! lol

Anyhow. that's it for me.
Stay warm, get crafty!


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