Sunday, 18 November 2012

Paper Bag mini----my first mini EVER!!!


How has everyone been??

Where as time gone to, I ask? It's already the weekend, the end of it. I did not see the week fly by!!

Things are a little hectic here, but I did manage to get something done that I've been ..'admiring.. from afar for awhile. A mini album. Yep. I have never, EVER done a mini before. But I can cross that off my list of things to do. Because I have ACCOMPLISHED that!! (I'm still ...'intimidated' them, though! lol) I guess the reason I have never done one is that I don't like to work in 'small' spaces. I like working in lots and lots of space. Claustrophobic I guess. is that possible?? ;)

Anyways, I made a mini. I went pretty basic, as I had not a clue as to what to do. I had found a paper bag album that I fell in love awhile ago..........and, with a deep breathe, I decided to make one. lol.

I think the clincher for me was that on, te weekly challenge has been extended until this coming Friday, the 23rd November. Seeing as I look forward to doing these challenges, I was disappointed to learn that there wouldn't be a new challenge for the weekend to accomplish. HOWEVER! On Instructagram (a new venture from CC's owners) there are 2 is for a Cameo (le sigh!) and another for a Kitchenaid mixer (double sigh!) The one for the Cameo calls for ....get this...a mini tutorial.!!! Yowza! BUT I did it (Insert happy dance!)

 Here's my mini!

This is the cover----LOVED doing this! It was so fun! AND Easy Peasy!!

This is a sample of my pages.

I absolutely loved doing this. I may make some more. I just need to figure out what pictures I want to put in there now.

To see it more, here's the link:

Have a great week!



Karen (karey2005) said...

It's a fantastic mini, Laura! Hard to believe it's your first! Good luck on the challenge! :)

Chris said...

Great job!Would love to see more pictures of the inside.

Katherine Clayton said...

Great job!!! I would also love to see more pictures of the inside. And congrats on making your 1st mini . . . once you get started, it's hard to stop. :)