Monday, 12 November 2012

Just another Manic Monday

Hello fellow readers!

Did you all have a nice weekend? Eventful? Got crafty?

How about a moment or two of silence for our war heroes on Remembrance Day (or Veteran's Day, if in US)? There was a lot of coverage on television yesterday---I have a hard time watching or listening, as I get very emotional, and once the tears come, I cannot stop them.

I had an eventful weekend---well, it started off eventful! I broke 2 of my toes (same foot), all because I was in a rush, pulled open the drawer too hard/too fast, and the drawer fell on my foot. I'm thankful that it was my foot, and not my daughter's, as she was right beside me. So, a small blessing, I guess. It hurt, and still does. I am now known as 'Two Toes' in my household. nice. lol. I had my MIL and SIL over for supper on Saturday, and I managed just fine. I had called our Info-Sante on Friday, and they told me that I had to keep my foot elevated. (Apparently there's not much to be done for broken toes!) Yeaaaahhh....wellll...I kinda have a problem with that! I'm not one to sit still, and I am always bustling about. But I do elevate it when I sit down---even if it's for a few moments. I kow, stubborn. Never said I was perfect! ;)

I have a technique on how to get upstairs to my craft room. Very carefully---but pretty quickly too. lol. There's nothing that's going to keep me separated from my scrapbook room!!!!!

And then I got crafty! This week's challenge on Crop Chocolate was to incorporate more than one color  in your background using ink or paint. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do. But I did do something I had wanted to do for a while. Just swipe the ink pad onto my paper. I used TH Distress ink in Picked Raspberry (great color) on my background which is (surprise, surprise!) MME, the So Sophie collection (LOVE this brand!). And just swiped. I actually like the effect. Then I positioned my pix and other elemets onto my LO. I'm broadenig my horizons. Not being so 'afraid' to use my stash! (sort of!)
Yep. I kinda like it!

I was wowed! this weekend. My sons go to a great school, where they have many opportunities to explore. One of these opportunities is Music class. And what a music class it is! Robert is taking bass, and brought home his bass guitar this weekend to practice at home. He put on a little show for me, and I was blown away!!! I was amazed on how much he learned in class. He has a good ear for music, it seems. Obviously, he did not, I repeat NOT get the music gene from me or my side of the family!!! lol It's his dad's side! (thank goodness!)
Here's my boy:

Don't mind the lamp --PLEASE!--DH will NOT let me get rid of it! eww!

Anyways, that's one of my boys! Momma's so proud! :)

Have a great day y'all!

Be safe.


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