Monday, 6 June 2016

Where I get my crafty goods

Hello, fellow peeps!

How unusual for me to write a blog post on Monday, right??
Well, I am trying to become more consistent with
my blog. More blog posts.

I was recently asked an interesting question by
a fellow crafter.
A frustrated crafter.
I was asked where I purchase my crafty goodies.
Interesting question, I think.

My friend was frustrated with the Canadian dollar
being low as it is, and hinders her from
purchasing from the multitude of online US shops.
Also, in our area, or even remotely close, 
we are very limited to crafting stores.
We do have a Michael's about 1 hour away, 
but we are frustrated with them the
majority of the time.

So, I thought I would share with you 
a compiled list of my favorite Canadian 
online crafty retailers.
Where I get my goods! lol
The majority of them are in Ontario
I am going to keep this short, 
so it will be my top 5, and maybe an honorable mention. :)

This is my go-to place!
It is owned by 2 scrapping ladies, Joy and Barb.
 It has unbeatable prices, awesome service, 
and a forum that is fun!
(oh, and I am on the Design Team!)
they also have a HOLD IT option, so you can
get free shipping after $150.
Their motto: If you want it, we can get it!

Image result for
Sheila and the Divas are awesome!
What I cannot get at, I get here.
Seriously awesome service, great prices.

Image result for
Another fantastic place!
Lora (the owner) is absolutely wonderful!
Great prices, and wonderful service!

Ninabrook Designs

Awesome place! Cheap shipping!!
The products change--but there is always something
fun to be found. need cardstock?
this is the place to go--and check out
the other goodies, too!!
Low prices on the basics!

This place can keep me captured for hours!!
Loads, and loads of fun stuff!
Don't believe me? check it out!!

Honorable mention:
Memories and More
This is where I get my dies from, 
when I cannot get them from my other
Th shipping is very reasonable, especially
if you just purchase dies.
Love it!!

So, that is my list of go-to places, 
online that it.
Physical retailers, 
well, unfortunately, we are not lucky enough
to have some nearby.
I have gotten lucky many times at
Winners, Marshall's, HomeSense.
Other than that, and sometimes at
the Dollarama, 
it is online for me.

So, whether you are Canadian or American, 
check out these retailers.
I promise, you will not be disappointed.
Those who know me, know that
I am very cautious with my money, and am 
always looking for the best prices.
These retailers have met my criteria.

Until next time, mes amies!
Be safe. Get crafty!
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