Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thank goodness for Disney...and a layout

Happy Saturday!

How's the weather where you are?? For us, in northern Quebec, it's calmed down. We had some blowing snow yesterday, which made driving visibility difficult----and those who know me, know that I am a VERY nervous passenger! Even though Keith is a very careful, very good driver, I am nervous. But I contain it pretty well, I think. I But in other parts of  Eastern Canada and States, it's been pretty messy with the weather. At least that's what I heard.  If you have bad weather where you are, be safe.

Anyways, onwards!

THANK GOODNESS for Disney!!!

I say this because my DD, who just turned 3 a couple of  weeks ago, now likes to watch other movies besides Dora the Explorer!!! Can I jump for joy now?? I have nothing against Dora per say---just that her voice can get on my nerves. Does she seem to be yelling to you?? So, now, April likes to watch other movies. Of course, the obvious choices like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (insert eye roll!) are very popular here...but so are the Incredibles, Cars, and the 3 Mouseketeers! We have many, MANY movies (I am a movie buff!) and therefore there are many choices for her to watch. I am going to try to watch Brother Bear with her today (that has go be one of my favorite movies from Disney!) Anyhow, I am just relieved that she seems to be existing that stage and going into another....or am I?? Maybe I'm setting myself up! :S

Now I did a layout for, you guessed it!, Crop I love the challenges they provide...and the people and products/prices are not so bad neither! lol Seriously they are great!

This week, it was to use wood grain.'s my take.
I used mostly MME products---pretty fitting as I was greatly inspired by a layout on their website! I used my Slice machine with the Little One Applique Design card for the butterflies. The papers are from their Happy Go Lucky line and their Fine and Dandy line, along with washi tape of theirs. I would have to say that 90% of this layout is MME! And it's one of my favorite scrapbook companies.

What are your plans today? I am hoping to get something done for Valentines day for my gang....but I have a block. yeesh! Go figure!

Anyhow, be safe. Get crafting.



NinaN said...

Beautiful LO Laura!

I here you on Dora! It's nice when there movie watching tastes grow a little! Variety is nice!

Caryn S said...

I wish I could scrap today! But between me not feeling so great and MIL planning a visit tomorrow (and scrap everywhere!) today's challenge is getting the house in order!

Caryn S said...

Oops! Meant to say, love this! For some dumb reason when I read "woodgrain" my brain defaulted to brown! Seeing this broke me out of that box!

Shona said...

This is sweet, but all the layouts with April on them are. She's really adorable, so that's got to make it easier to put cute layouts together!

Lucy said...

This is so cute!

by belle said...

I am NOT a fan of Dora so I am happy you get to move on other movies!! Great LO!