Thursday, 28 February 2013

Loving my kids!

Happy Thursday! Hope today is a great day for you all!

It snowed here overnight. Again. My boys are home from school. Again. They went back to sleep. Lucky! lol

My little Miss Muffet (my DD) is up and about. Again. Yesterday, she kept me on my toes. Again. lol. She also says the funniest things.

I was trying to make a card for my MIL's birthday this weekend. She's turning 62 years young. She's a great gal---I consider myself very fortunate to have a MIL like her.

Anyhow, I was trying to come up with a card design. I wanted it to be really, really special....and I came up with nothing. And it was frustrating!! So I am at my craft desk, with my fingers rubbing my temples (I guess I was trying to make an idea come to my head??) My DD, April, asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was trying to get an idea out of my head. Not thinking much of what I said, I continued what I was doing. She brought her chair over to my chair, stood up on it, and grabbed my head in her hands. I was a little surprised. But I thought that perhaps she wanted a hug or a kiss. Nope. She looked at the top of my head, and told me that there was nothing come out of my head. Huh? Then I laughed because she took my comment literally. Idea coming out of my head, indeed! lol

Fast forward to the evening when it was bedtime. I was preparing to put her to bed. Bedtime ritual: bath, snack, bathroom business, bedtime story, snuggle time. That's how it is. I sometimes have to tell her daddy and brothers that it is her bedtime, so they'll take the 'hint' and leave us alone. Doesn't always work, though. (As if I have to wonder why. Men + hints= huh?) So, I told her that we have to kick Daddy out of the room. Again, she took me literally. And I mean literally. lol. She told her Daddy that it was her bedtime and that he had to leave. And she pushing him out, and then she kicks him. Literally. She turns to me and says with a big grin, 'I kicked out Daddy for you, Mom!' Again, I had to laugh. I have to be careful what I say to this kid!!

Anyways, that's my daughter. She's a whirlwind of ....a little bit of everything!
My boys were like that at her age. Double trouble I used to call them!lol

So this week's challenge over at was stamped background. I actually had difficulty with this one---go figure. I'm losing my crafty mojo, it seems. Yeesh!

Here's my take:

Of my kids. Again.
So that's my week in a nutshell.

Have a great week. Get crafty. Be safe!



Denise said...

Your daughter sounds like quite a character. Too funny! Your layout looks beautiful. Love the heart stamps you used.

Kary said...

Your daughter is so sweet!! A real treasure :) Your layout is sweet, and the love for your kids comes across so clearly. Mojo or no mojo, it works. Have a happy weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog & for leaving me a sweet comment.