Monday, 17 September 2012


Hi y'all!

Monday already?? Where has the weekend gone to??

How was your Monday? Mine was alright, as Mondays go! :) I was a little bummed out that I didn't get to go to church yesterday. But I really was not feeling well at all! I haven't been 100% health wise lately, but I'm holding on, and it's not holding me down. But there are days where this darn illness is kicking my derriere!

My DD and I got crafty this morning. She's 2 1/2 years old, and she's recently discovered the joys of a glue stick! Oh joy for mom! :)

There is a scrapbook website that I like to frequent...quite often! products, great prices, great people, and a whole lotta fun! They have weekly challenges, and this week's challenge is consisting of 3 circles, 3 patterned paper, and 3 folds. I had already submitted 3 challenges, it was that fun!

I am unsure if I am going to submit this project, but it does meet all the requirements. And it is too darn cute!

DD glued the strips onto the back of this turkey, and then added her own personal touch to the eyes (smudged!) but she is proud of it, and so am I!

Very simple craft---paper bag, various papers, glue, a whole lot of fun.

The original turkey came from BGH Scrapbooks etc. magazine, December 2011 issue. The 'tail feathers' were originally colored papers described with what one was thankful for. Either way, it's a great craft.

That was this morning. Great way to pass the morning.

This afternoon was spent mostly in the car, driving with hubby and DD to the DMV, which is almost 1 hour away, to register DH's  new truck, to be told that he doesn't have all the proper papers! WHAT?!? So, we drive back to the dealership, almost 2 hours away, to be told that DH did have the proper papers, and that the dealership would take care of it. This has been going on for 22 days!!! (Insert eye roll here!) So, hopefully all should be taken care of this week. Yeesh!

Other than that, all's well. I did receive some sweet mail today!!! I received my Unity stamps today, along with a surprise package of 4-6x6 Authentique Paper pads!! I didn't buy the pads, but thank you. I don't recall winning anything on a blog recently! So, it was some sweet mail. I am very anxious to receive my Crop Chocolate order, which should be arriving this week!! I love chocolate! :)

Have a great night!


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