Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Project Life...

Happy {{rainy}} Sunday!
I can't believe that it is Sunday already---time is just flying by!
It is rainy here--been a rainy kind of week.
But that's ok.

I took the plunge.
I started creating in a new form of scrapbooking
Like Project Life but it's my way. 
I don't think I can do this type of pocket scrapbooking faithfully, 
as I am a 12x12 scrapbooker true and true.
But I have been intrigued with this type of pocket scrapbooking for some time now.
I had a new album, purchased some WRMK 12x12 pocket inserts, 
some cards, and away I went!!
My first layout, or page, was created with my son in mind.
His English class this past school was focusing on the Hunger Games.
Right up my sons' alley!
Their classes were divided up into districts, and points were allotted for winners
of various challenges. Like the actual story, people were eliminated.
It was quite exciting to hear about the events of the day when my sons 
would relate the events to us at mealtimes.
Each player, individual had to make up their district logo, with their picture.
Robert went the full nine yards. 
As you can probably tell from my page, he really, REALLY got into character! :D
He was District 4, and made his team's symbol.
When I showed him the layout, or page, if you will, 
I was proud to hear him say that it was a cool page!

I am really, REALLy new to this type of scrapbooking. 
But I enjoyed doing it, and am wanting to continue. 

So, that's it for me for now.
Have a great Sunday!
Be safe. Get crafty!
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1 comment:

Maria Matter said...

a very cool page Laura!!
I've never tried a project life type of scrapbooking, I understand the convenience of the style but I'm not sure I can change from a 12x12 format...old dog, new tricks! lol
have a great weekend! :)